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Sales Training, Leadership Coaching & Unleashing Your Inner SuperHero to Achieve the Impossible!! It's time to Unlock the FULL potential of your Sales Team!!




Cory "Kxng" Charles

Founder & CEO


El Trainador Loco

The Masked Trainer



He's A Man Bat


Wonder Writer

The Wordsmith


Who Are We?

We Are Here to Create New Possibilities!

Welcome to The SuperHero Mindset, where we empower teams and individuals to unleash their inner SuperHero and reach new levels of success in sales, leadership, careers, and life.

"Every one of us has the potential to be a SuperHero. It's not about having extraordinary powers; it's about tapping into the extraordinary potential within us."- Kxng Charles.

We believe that everyone has a unique set of SuperPowers just waiting to be unlocked, and our coaching and training programs are designed to help you find and harness yours. Whether you're an underrepresented, undervalued, under-appreciated, overlooked, underdog, or introvert, our team of coaching experts will work with you to develop a customized plan that helps you achieve your full potential.

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What Do We Do?

What We Deliver!


At The SuperHero Mindset, we offer a range of coaching and training programs, including The 4 Pillars of Life (Mind, Body, Heart, and Mission), Hi5 Leadership, The Heroic100, SalesOlogy, and SuperHero Engineering. Our programs are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals, so you can develop the skills and mindset needed to succeed in all areas of life.


Don't just take our word for it - see what our satisfied clients have to say. Check out our testimonials and case studies to see how we've helped individuals and businesses transform their lives and achieve their goals.


Our Fortress of Solitude here also offers a wealth of resources and blog content on topics related to leadership, sales, personal development, and career growth. We're committed to providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to reach your full potential and become the hero of your own story.

A Few Important Questions

Ready to unleash your inner SuperHero? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you achieve your goals and reach new heights in sales, leadership, and life.

Are you someone who is seeking to achieve more in life, but feel like you're not reaching your full potential?

Do you believe that every individual has unique SuperPowers waiting to be unlocked, and are you ready to discover and harness your own?

Have you ever felt undervalued, overlooked, or like an underdog in your personal or professional life?

Are you a sales professional who is looking to increase your sales and become a Sales Powerhouse?

Are you an introvert who struggles to speak up and assert yourself in a group setting?

Are you a leader who is seeking to develop your leadership skills and become a SuperHero leader who can inspire and motivate your team to achieve their full potential?

"Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with."

The 4 Pillars Methodology! 

We believe in a practice a 4 Pillars of Life Methodology.  But really this applies to SALES, LEADERSHIP, CAREERS, PERSONAL GROWTH, and really LIFE.  We believe on working on the WHOLE Human to show up as the best version of yourself in ALL that you  do.

The key areas that we need to focus on to live a fulfilling and meaningful life are the 4 Pillars. Each pillar represents an essential aspect of our being that we need to cultivate and nourish in order to thrive in business and in life

Why We Do It?

We believe that every individual has the POWER to achieve GREATNESS and make a positive IMPACT in the world! However, we also know that many people struggle to tap into their FULL POTENTIAL due to limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and fear.

That's why we're on a mission to help individuals UNLEASH THEIR INNER SuperHero and realize their true potential. By EMPOWERING people with the right MINDSET and tools, we can create a world where everyone can live a FULFILLING, JOYFUL, and PURPOSEFUL life.

Our passion for PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, TRANSFORMATION, and EMPOWERMENT drives us to provide high-quality coaching, workshops, and online courses that help individuals overcome their barriers and achieve their goals. We are committed to creating a SUPPORTIVE and ENCOURAGING SuperHero community where everyone can feel empowered to UNLEASH their inner superhero and make their DREAMS A REALITY. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and transformation. Let's work together to activate your inner superpowers and create a life that inspires you and others around you.

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Word on the Street!

"Cory is one of the freshest and most authentic trainers and speakers I've worked with! His ability to attract a room, establish quick credibility and get people to learn when they think they are just having fun is incredible! He is engaging and genuine and will light up any room that you put him in! His content is innovative and out of the box and will level your team up! "

Abbie Mirata

Sr Director of Organizational Development - Offerpad

Super Hero Kids
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