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How to MASTER your own DESTINY!

Have you ever heard of a “self-fulfilling prophecy”?

It’s a well-documented phenomenon.

Basically, it means that if you think things will go wrong— they will.

Because you’ve told your brain “DANGER! Something horrible is going to happen, watch out for it…”

You’ve essentially put your brain into survival mode.

Therefore it’s always on the look out for all the dangers (negative things) to protect you.

Every word you mess up in your interview…

Every stomach gurgle you couldn’t keep quiet in that meeting…

Everything you should or shouldn’t have said to your boss today…

In fact…

It would take an exceptionally positive experience for you to NOT think things went badly.

And even that won’t be enough to shift your mindset.

BUT you’re not doomed— you CAN change it.

You can “hack” into your brain and flip the switch…

If you write yourself a POSITIVE prophecy instead.

It starts with daily positivity.

Make a conscious effort to talk to yourself and say optimistic and positive things, to make your brain LOOK for the positives.


"This meeting is going to go well.”

“I’m going to have a good day at work.”

“I look great today.”


Next time you’ve got an important interview, a daunting meeting or a scary speech coming up and you’re nervous about it…

Speak out loud to yourself and say these 3 words:

“I am excited.”

Sounds too simple to be true right?

But according to a study by Dr Brooks at Harvard Business you can literally “hack” into your brain and switch from a negative high energy energy emotion (nervousness) to a positive (excitement)...

JUST by talking to yourself.

It’s called “anxiety reappraisal”.

And though it may seem very simple…

It can make a huge difference to you and to others!

Go Be Great!!

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